Welcome to the Delusional World of Bonny Boo-Boo

Who and What Is Bonny Boo-Boo?

Bonny Boo-Boo is a fictional character who fancies herself a counselor providing special services to special women just like her. If and as you explore this website, keep in mind that Bonny Boo-Boo is a complete fake, a jest, a spoof and a parody. She is an invention of the imagination, not to be taken seriously, and certainly not in a position to dispense counseling advice or therapeutic insights or intervention. She is a farcical creation who takes herself much more seriously than is warranted or deserved.

We explore the ironies and absurdities of words that come out of the mouth of the fictional Bonny Boo-Boo, a mentally disturbed pathological liar with a lifetime’s worth of unresolved trauma already by the age of 27 who, over 30 years ago, entered what would be the longest (only 4 years) and most “successful” of her 3 failed marriages when she knowingly married a gay/bisexual man. None of that has stopped Bonny Boo-Boo from making it her life’s work to pull other women into her whirlpool of disturbing, unresolved, and accumulating life traumas, under the guise of being a (fake) relationship counselor, conducting her false practice even while her mental disorders go undiagnosed and untreated. Of course, that is fictional; who would believe such a person exists?

This is a hard hitting satirical look at the ways Bonny impacts thousands of women who listen to and follow her, the hundreds of thousands in her delusional world whom she claims to have infected, and the millions more around the world who she would like to infect.

Bonny Boo-Boo is an expert on whatever she chooses. Bonny Boo-Boo is the most experty expert ever. She is the leading narcissist specialist in her house, maybe even on her street! there is nothing narcissistic about that.

If you have concerns or doubts about Bonny Boo-Boo, get used to them, because nobody seems to take seriously or care about the ravaging, long-term effects she has on her Baby Boo-Boos.

Before we introduce her, we warn you that by following her guidelines and advice, as you walk her path, you will get all the validation you need if you permit her distorted views to take root, and you will avoid the true healing process of self-examination.

Not a disclaimer:

If you think there’s a chance that you might be a Baby Boo-Boo, take this short test: Has anything you’ve read so far annoyed or offended you? Have you taken any of the above introductory material personally? Do you feel a compulsion to complain, get defensive, or let out a big boo-hoo? You could very well be a Baby Bonny Boo-Boo, which you will read about it if you continue reading this site. You might want to apply for membership in Bonny Boo-Boo’s Special Wives Cult. And if at any time you become agitated, angry or confused, you can use Bonny's patented Blocking Technique to return to a pleasant state of denial. it is worth a try; some tell us that it really does work for a good half-hour or so. What have you got to lose besides your dignity?

If you don’t understand the purpose of parody and satire, or you are convinced the world owes you a living because you have experienced pain, and you feel compelled to put in your two cents, then you probably should leave this site now. We will not be offended, trust us. But if you absolutely must provide feedback, you can go to Helen Waite. As our community relations expert, she will tell you what you can do with your complaints or feedback. You can leave a comment or email her on the “Comment” tab.

However, if you did not react defensively, nor take offense at any of the above, you are perfectly sane and normal, and needn’t worry about becoming a Baby Boo-Boo. Sadly there are hundreds of thousands of Baby Boo-Boos in the U.S. who live for years, even decades, unaware that Bonny Boo-Boo’s ideas have infiltrated their minds. They remain unaware that her methods and message have impacted their thinking, their relationships, and that they are turning into carbon copies of Bonny Boo-Boo.


This website is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. All characters portrayed on this site are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Neither the author nor the service providers are responsible for any errors or omissions.